It’s a DevOps world, we’re just living in it.

We interviewed tens of companies and met with numerous developers, system architects, DevOps engineers, CTOs as well as key people in developer’s ecosystem. And every one of them faced the same struggle: dealing with mountains of data and blindly forging through endless trial & error processes due to lack of visibility.

And we accepted their challenge. Our challenge.

We developed datree to help DevOps organizations scale, without compromising visibility, information flow and quality.

We’re trusted by great companies


We’re Passionate about Coding and Developers

datree was developed for developers by developers. And we are going to change the way DevOps organizations scale.

Arthur Schmunk

Co-founder & CEO

Shimon Tolts

Co-founder & CTO

Eyar Zilberman

Co-founder & CPO

Roman Labunsky

Engineering Manager

Guy Warburg

Software Engineer

Boris Plotnikov

Software Engineer

Asaf Petesh

Software Engineer